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PTE Mastery Workshop: Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills and Ace the Test!

Elevate your PTE essay writing skills with our intensive workshop, specially crafted for students at the end of Intermediate or beginning of Upper-Intermediate levels. Dive into focused instruction on Argumentative, Compare and Contrast, and Discussion Essays, benefit from personalized feedback, and prepare confidently for success in the PTE test. All the content applies equally to the IELTS and CAE writing parts.

Main Course Features

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Our workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the five major PTE essay types, ensuring a thorough understanding of each genre.
  2. Practical Application: Immerse yourself in hands-on learning with practical exercises in every class, allowing you to apply newfound skills immediately.
  3. Personalized Feedback: Receive individualized feedback on your progress, fostering continuous improvement throughout the workshop.
  4. Structured Learning: The curriculum is carefully structured to build your proficiency progressively, from foundational principles to advanced essay types.
  5. Recorded Sessions: Don’t worry about missing a class – sessions will be recorded, providing you the flexibility to revisit content at your own pace.
  6. Limited Class Size: Benefit from a more intimate learning experience with a maximum of 5 students per class, promoting a collaborative and focused atmosphere.


  • Live, interactive writing sessions during the workshop, allowing immediate application of what you’ve learnt.
  • Q&A sessions and discussion forums to address specific questions and concerns.
  • Make your own templates: instead of memorising structures that make no sense to you, learn how apply the learned structures to create your own diverse and adaptable essay templates.
  • In-depth analysis of model essays: analysis and deconstruction of exemplary essays, highlighting key elements and strategies.
  • Live editing demonstrations: live essay editing sessions to showcase the revision process.
  • Exclusive access to supplementary materials, study guides, and additional resources.
  • Final project: submit an essay after the workshop and get individualised feedback pinpointing specific strengths and areas for improvement.

Curriculum Overview: Mastering PTE Essay Writing in 3 Weeks

Embark on a structured 3-week Writing Workshop meticulously designed to enhance your proficiency in PTE essay composition.

Week 1: Foundation and Introduction

  • Session 1: Preparation and foundations
  • Introduction to the nuances of essay composition.
  • Insights and strategies for effective writing.
  • Comprehensive overview of the five fundamental essay types.
  • Practice brinstorming, organising and outlining ideas for an essay
  • Session 2: Articulating Personal Opinion
  • In-depth exploration of the Opinion Essay.
  • Techniques for articulating and presenting personal viewpoints with clarity.

Week 2: In-depth Analysis of Various Essays

  • Session 3: Addressing Problems and Solutions
  • Scrutiny of the Problem and Solution Essay.
  • Practical applications in the art of presenting viable solutions through written discourse.
  • Session 4: Deliberating Advantages and Disadvantages
  • A meticulous examination of the Advantages and Disadvantages Essay.
  • Proficiency in discerning and articulating both positive and negative aspects.

Week 3: Expanding the Horizon and Culmination

  • Session 5: Engaging in Discourse
  • Immersion into the intricacies of the Discussion Essay.
  • Cultivation of skills to engage in meaningful written discourse.
  • Session 6: Culmination with the 2-Part Essay
  • Profound exploration of the 2-Part Essay.
  • Synthesis of acquired knowledge for the crafting of a comprehensive final essay.
  • Discussion about the final project

We invite you to partake in this enlightening and methodical journey, delving into the subtleties of each essay type. Elevate your PTE writing prowess and manifest your proficiency in the art of written expression. [Enroll Now]

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Intensive Writing Workshop
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