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Pequenos Falantes Flex Level 1

Embark on a captivating journey into Portuguese where young minds blossom through language and play. Discover a world where every lesson is an adventure, tailored for the earliest language learners.

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Pequenos Falantes Flex Level 1 (PF1) invites your child into the vibrant world of Portuguese through playful interaction and foundational language building. Covering essential pronouns, simple verbs, and basic vocabulary, this course lays the groundwork for a lifelong language journey. Each lesson is a step towards confident communication, crafted to spark curiosity and joy in learning.

Course Features


Lição 1 – Eu gosto

Dive into the world of Portuguese with essential pronouns 'I' and 'you,' and explore expressions of liking. Learn how to say 'I like' and 'You like,' and engage in playful sentences such as 'Do you like to play hide and seek?' and 'I like playing with a ball.' This lesson introduces basic vocabulary for fun activities and toys, creating a foundation for joyful learning.

Lição 2 – Eu sei

Join us in the musical journey of counting in Portuguese! In this lesson, we'll learn numbers from 1 to 10 and sing along to the Brazilian version of 'One, Two, Three Little Indians.' Discover how to say 'I know' and 'You know,' and express abilities like 'I know how to count' and 'You know how to sing,' blending numerical learning with cultural exploration through song.

Lição 3 – Eu tenho

How many toys do you have? Let's learn to talk about quantities in Portuguese. This lesson focuses on phrases like 'I have many' and asking 'How many?' in various contexts. Practice counting and expressing quantities with sentences like 'I have two toy cars' and 'Do you have many dolls?' It's a fun way to develop counting skills while expanding your vocabulary.

Lição 4 – Meu! Minha!

Whose ball is this? Learn to express ownership and belonging with 'my' and 'mine.' Dive into sentences that describe what belongs to you, such as 'This doll is mine' and 'This is my yoyo.' Extend these possessive terms to family and friends, learning to talk about 'my parents,' 'my brother,' and 'my friends,' enhancing your conversational skills in describing your world.

Lição 5 – Eu não!

Sometimes, it's important to say 'no' or express what we don't have or like. In this lesson, learn the structure of negative sentences in Portuguese, such as 'I do not have many toys' and 'You do not like to play tag with your sister.' It's a crucial step in mastering the language, providing the tools to express a range of experiences and preferences.

Lição 6 – Eu estou

Dive into the realm of emotions in Portuguese, learning to express how you feel with phrases like 'I am' and 'You are.' Explore different states of being, from happiness to tiredness, and form sentences like 'I am tired of playing tag' or 'Are you sick of playing with cars?' This lesson opens up a world of expressive language, enabling you to share your feelings and ask others about theirs.

Lição 7 – Onde?

Where are you? In this lesson, learn to answer this question and more as we explore locations like the park, home, beach, restaurant, and school. Gain confidence in using phrases like 'I am at the park with my sister' and asking 'Where are you?' Enhance your conversational skills by talking about where you and others are, bringing real-life contexts into your Portuguese learning journey.

Lição 8 – Eu vou

Let's talk about future plans! Learn to use the future tense in Portuguese with sentences like 'I will play in the park' or 'I will sleep now.' This lesson introduces the concept of future actions, enabling you to share what you're going to do and ask others about their plans, like 'Are you going to run on the beach?' An essential step in discussing upcoming events and activities.

Lição 9 – Férias

What are your plans for the holidays? This lesson combines the excitement of holiday activities with learning the future tense. Practice forming sentences like 'I will swim in the pool' or 'I will camp with my parents.' Engage in conversations about future plans and answer yes/no questions about what you and others will do, like 'Will you swim in the sea?' or 'Will you read in the park now?'

Lição 10 – Eu quero

Do you want to express what you want in Portuguese? This lesson focuses on the verb 'to want,' teaching you to articulate desires and inquiries. Learn to say 'I want to swim in the pool,' 'Do you want to run on the beach?' or 'I want that bicycle.' It's a fun and practical way to express wants and needs, whether it's about choosing a toy or deciding an activity.

Your Instructor

Juliana Sweeney


Juliana Sweeney, founder of ‘Pequenos Falantes,’ brings language to life for children. Her teaching fuses cultural immersion with interactive learning, reflecting her passion for education and language. Juliana’s method is designed for joy and engagement, igniting a lifelong love for Portuguese in her students.

What Our Clients Say

Pequenos Falantes 1 transformed learning for our daughter. She looks forward to every lesson and proudly uses her new Portuguese words daily. It's amazing to see her so excited to connect with her heritage.
Jonas H.

What is Pequenos Falantes Flex?​

Welcome to Pequenos Falantes, an innovative Portuguese language program designed specifically for young learners from 8 to 12 years old. Our unique ‘Flex’ format combines the best of both worlds: the convenience and interactivity of online learning with the personalized touch of private lessons. Each lesson in Pequenos Falantes is available on our dedicated online platform, featuring a series of engaging videos, practice games, and quizzes. To cater to different learning paces and preferences, we offer two levels within each lesson: the essential ‘Flex’ level for foundational learning and the ‘Extended’ level for those seeking more challenging exercises. After completing each weekly lesson, students have the opportunity to schedule a private 15-minute online session with the teacher, focusing on reinforcing their understanding, pronunciation, and enjoying fun language activities. Pequenos Falantes is more than just a language course; it’s a comprehensive learning journey tailored to the needs of every young learner.

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