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Pequenos Falantes Flex Level 2

Expand your child’s horizons as they delve deeper into the Portuguese language through stories, songs, and cultural exploration. It’s where language skills grow and the joy of learning flourishes.

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Level 2 of Pequenos Falantes expands upon the linguistic base established in the first level, diving into numbers, colors, and everyday phrases that deepen understanding. Children begin to express more complex ideas, from describing their school day to sharing weekend adventures, all in engaging Portuguese. This level is about growing confidence and enhancing conversational skills.

Course Features


Lição 1 – Família

Embark on the exciting journey of learning Portuguese by discovering words that will bring you closer to family—terms for mother, father, grandparents, and more. In this lesson, we also delve into the art of expressing likes and dislikes using the verb 'to like' conjugated for 'we' (nós). Engage in activities that make speaking about family both fun and personal.

Lição 2 – Números

Expand your numerical horizons in Portuguese as we count from 11 to 20. This lesson is not just about numbers; it's about learning to quantify the world around you in a new language, from counting people to objects, setting a foundation for mathematical concepts in Portuguese.

Lição 3 – As cores

Dive into a colorful adventure as we explore the vibrant spectrum of hues. Learn the names of different colors in Portuguese and master the phrase 'What color is this...?' through interactive activities that will make identifying and describing colors in your surroundings a breeze.

Lição 4 – Na escola

Step into a Portuguese-speaking classroom with vocabulary that covers everything from 'teacher' to 'backpack.' We'll practice these school-related terms alongside the verb 'to have' and question phrases such as 'What color is...?' to describe objects and their attributes, like the number of desks in a classroom or the color of your backpack.

Lição 5 – Nós temos

Discover how to talk about quantities and possessions in Portuguese, whether you're counting plants or pencils. Learn to ask 'How many...?' in different contexts and to use the third person plural conjugation with the verb 'to be,' as in 'vocês têm...' to describe what belongs to a group.

Lição 6 – Vocês estão

Learn to articulate emotions in Portuguese with the verb 'to be,' exploring how to express states of happiness, sadness, and more. This lesson will guide you through sentences like 'I am happy' or 'You are tired,' culminating in more complex constructions such as 'You are tired of playing at the beach,' expanding both your emotional vocabulary and grammatical prowess.

Lição 7 – Minha cidade

Discover the vocabulary to describe your urban landscape, from 'city' to 'house.' This lesson focuses on place-based descriptions, teaching you to say where you and others live with phrases like 'My grandmother lives in the blue building.' Navigate your way through conversations about your immediate surroundings and learn to describe your own city with pride.

Lição 8 – O que tem?

Curiosity about the contents of a backpack or a house leads to learning the structure of 'What is in...?' Dive into discussions about the everyday items that fill our spaces, as you practice counting and identifying objects with sentences like 'In my backpack, there are 17 pencils' and 'In my house, there are 12 yellow plants.

Lição 9 – O tempo

From sunny skies to cloudy days, this lesson covers the essential vocabulary for discussing the weather. Learn to ask 'What's the weather like today?' and reply with 'It's rainy' or 'It's hot.' Extend this practical knowledge to personal well-being, connecting weather conditions to feelings in sentences like 'We are hot because it's sunny.

Lição 10 – Vamos

Shall we swim? Shall we run? This lesson introduces the idea of making suggestions and plans in Portuguese. Practice the structure of 'Shall we...?' to propose activities and respond to invitations. It's a fun and interactive way to plan and predict future events, from a swim in the pool to a meal at a restaurant.

What Our Clients Say

After my son completed PF1, we immediately enrolled him in PF2. The cultural elements and more complex language structures have been so engaging. He's not just learning Portuguese; he's experiencing it!
Angela R

What is Pequenos Falantes Flex?​

Welcome to Pequenos Falantes, an innovative Portuguese language program designed specifically for young learners from 8 to 12 years old. Our unique ‘Flex’ format combines the best of both worlds: the convenience and interactivity of online learning with the personalized touch of private lessons. Each lesson in Pequenos Falantes is available on our dedicated online platform, featuring a series of engaging videos, practice games, and quizzes. To cater to different learning paces and preferences, we offer two levels within each lesson: the essential ‘Flex’ level for foundational learning and the ‘Extended’ level for those seeking more challenging exercises. After completing each weekly lesson, students have the opportunity to schedule a private 15-minute online session with the teacher, focusing on reinforcing their understanding, pronunciation, and enjoying fun language activities. Pequenos Falantes is more than just a language course; it’s a comprehensive learning journey tailored to the needs of every young learner.

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