How Fluent Is Your Child in Portuguese?

Take our fun quiz to find out!

  • Quick and Easy: Complete the quiz in under 5 minutes!
  • Instant Feedback: Understand your child’s language level immediately.
  • Tailored Resources: Get personalized learning recommendations based on the result

Join your child on an exciting journey to discover their Portuguese language proficiency with our specially crafted quiz. Designed to be both engaging and informative, this quiz provides a delightful way for you and your child to explore the nuances of the Portuguese language together.

How It Works:

  • Simple and Collaborative: The quiz consists of 25 questions, each presenting a common phrase in English. For younger children, we encourage parents to take the quiz with them. Listen to your child’s response and then select the option that closely matches their answer from the four provided.

  • Options for Every Question:

    • One Correct Answer: Each question has one correct Portuguese translation.
    • Two Incorrect Choices: These plausible but incorrect options are designed to assess genuine understanding.
    • The ‘Don’t Know’ Option: If your child, or both of you, are unsure, you can select ‘Don’t Know/Incorrect.’ This assists in providing a more accurate evaluation of their language level.
  • Guidance for Parents: If your child says something different from the provided options, choose the one that is closest to their response. This approach helps in capturing the essence of their understanding and linguistic intuition.

  • Engaging and Stress-Free: We believe in a relaxed approach to learning. The quiz has no time limits, allowing you and your child to enjoy and engage with each question at your own pace.

  • Receive Instant Feedback: Once completed, you’ll get immediate feedback on your child’s quiz results. Plus, our Portuguese teacher will personally review the answers and send an email with detailed insights into your child’s abilities and suggestions for improvement.

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