L1 – Atividades – básico

Atividades para praticar [Practice activities]

Essas atividades são somente para praticar e se divertir. Elas não são avaliadas.

Atividade 1: Encontre as palavras.

Atividade 2: Responda as perguntas.

Atividade 4: Jogo da memória. Encontre os símbolos iguais.

Teste [Test]

Complete os exercícios abaixo (‘assignment’ e ‘quizzes’) para passar para a lição 2.

Oral Assignment: My Daily Routine


  1. Preparation: Review the words and phrases from Lesson 1, including “Eu acordo,” “Eu tomo café da manhã,” “Eu escovo os dentes,” and others. Make sure you understand their meanings and how to use them in sentences.
  2. Prepare Your Routine: Think about your own daily routine. What do you do first? What do you do next? What is your routine like? Be ready to talk about it.
  3. Recording: Record yourself speaking in Portuguese. Start by introducing yourself. For example, “Meu nome é [Your Name].” Then, describe your daily routine using the phrases you learned. Speak clearly and confidently.
  4. Sample Sentences: Here are some sample sentences to help you get started:
    • “Eu acordo. Depois, eu escovo os dentes.”
    • “Depois, eu tomo café da manhã com meus pais.”
  5. Add Details: Feel free to provide more details about your routine using what you learned in previous classes.
  6. Time Limit: Your recording should be about 1 minute long.
  7. Review: Listen to your recording to make sure you’ve spoken clearly and accurately.
  8. Submission: Submit your recording when you’re happy with it.

Remember, the goal of this assignment is to practice using the vocabulary and phrases from Lesson 1 in a real-life context. Be confident and have fun sharing your daily routine in Portuguese!

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