Portuguese for Children

Pequenos Falantes Flex Level 3

Ascend to new linguistic heights where advanced concepts and practical communication come to life. Witness the transformation as your child confidently navigates the vibrant world of Portuguese.

Course Detail

In Pequenos Falantes Level 3, your child’s Portuguese fluency blossoms as they explore more advanced structures like telling time, discussing routines, and expressing future plans. This course focuses on practical usage of the language, enabling young learners to navigate real-life scenarios with ease. Watch as your child begins to weave intricate sentences and fully engage in the Portuguese-speaking world.

Course Features


Lição 1 – Minha Rotina

Explore the daily routines in Portuguese, focusing on 'I' and 'you.' Learn how to talk about everyday activities like waking up, brushing teeth, having a shower, eating breakfast, and doing homework. This lesson is perfect for establishing a vocabulary that reflects day-to-day life and practicing present tense verbs in a practical context.

Lição 2 – As Horas

Learn the essential skill of telling time in Portuguese and how to ask 'What's the time?' Enhance your understanding of time with the introduction of frequency words like 'sempre' (always) and 'nunca' (never). This lesson will help you discuss schedules and routines, bringing a new dimension to your conversational skills.

Lição 3 – Fim de Semana

Discover how to talk about weekend activities in Portuguese using verbs with 'I' and 'you.' Learn to say and ask about common leisure activities like playing, talking, helping, and drawing. We'll also cover times of the day, such as 'in the morning,' 'in the afternoon,' and 'at night,' to add more detail to your conversations about weekend plans.

Lição 4 – Comida

Delve into the delicious world of food vocabulary, learning words for common items like bread, cheese, cereal, fruits, and beverages. This lesson also introduces the verb 'to drink' and the conjunction 'or,' enabling you to express preferences and choices in Portuguese, such as deciding between milk or juice for breakfast.

Lição 5 – Eu Aprendo

Expand your verb knowledge with activities related to studying and leisure. Learn how to use verbs like 'study,' 'learn,' 'play,' 'read,' and 'write' with 'I' and 'you.' Practice forming questions with these verbs to engage in conversations about learning and hobbies, enhancing your ability to discuss educational and recreational topics.

Lição 6 – Compras

Step into the world of shopping with phrases like 'I buy' and 'you buy.' Learn vocabulary for different shopping locations such as the chemist, bookshop, supermarket, and bakery. This lesson not only teaches you to talk about buying items like medicine and books but also immerses you in a practical context for using Portuguese in everyday scenarios.

Lição 7 – Quem?

Uncover the intriguing world of 'who' in Portuguese. This lesson is all about understanding and using the word 'Quem' (Who) to ask and answer questions about everyday activities. Engage in sentences like 'Who always wakes up at seven?' and 'Who talks in the classroom?' This approach helps in recognizing routines and habits of family members, making learning relatable and fun.

Lição 8 – Os Animais

Embark on a linguistic safari with a diverse range of animal vocabulary, from the domestic 'cachorro' (dog) to the exotic 'leão' (lion). Learn how to describe these animals with colors and ask questions about them. Phrases like 'That lion is orange' and 'Who plays with that dog in the morning?' make for an exciting exploration of the animal kingdom in Portuguese.

Lição 9 – Objetos

Dive into the spatial aspect of Portuguese with this lesson on objects and their locations. Master phrases like 'Where is your watch?' and 'My phone is under the sofa,' enhancing your ability to describe the position of items. This practical lesson is perfect for day-to-day conversation, teaching you to talk about common objects and where they are found.

Lição 10 – Revisão

Consolidate your newfound knowledge with a comprehensive review of what we've learned. This lesson revisits key vocabulary, phrases, and concepts from previous lessons, ensuring a solid grasp of the material. Engage in varied activities that reinforce learning, helping you to confidently use Portuguese in everyday situations.

Pequenos Falantes 3 has been a game-changer for my 10-year-old. The lessons are perfectly paced, and her ability to converse in Portuguese has improved dramatically. The teacher's personalized attention made all the difference.
Mara F.

What is Pequenos Falantes Flex?​

Welcome to Pequenos Falantes, an innovative Portuguese language program designed specifically for young learners from 8 to 12 years old. Our unique ‘Flex’ format combines the best of both worlds: the convenience and interactivity of online learning with the personalized touch of private lessons. Each lesson in Pequenos Falantes is available on our dedicated online platform, featuring a series of engaging videos, practice games, and quizzes. To cater to different learning paces and preferences, we offer two levels within each lesson: the essential ‘Flex’ level for foundational learning and the ‘Extended’ level for those seeking more challenging exercises. After completing each weekly lesson, students have the opportunity to schedule a private 15-minute online session with the teacher, focusing on reinforcing their understanding, pronunciation, and enjoying fun language activities. Pequenos Falantes is more than just a language course; it’s a comprehensive learning journey tailored to the needs of every young learner.

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